Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The next episode

With the new chapter of our lives comes a new blog.

As we are no longer Thinking positive - we are just the Stepros!

Please follow the link to our new blog.


Saturday, July 7, 2007

Blog Break

I have had a less then minimal desire to blog lately.

Sorry to all the loyal blog stalkers out there. Perhaps in the next little bit if I have any new and or exciting news to post, I will.

I am burnt out with blogging. I hate reading peoples blogs that just seem to drone on and on .... much like this one, with no real point. I am going to try and break that chain. I will blog when I have an event I feel is blog worthy.

Check back in a week or month or so.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

new post

**Sorry it took me so long to post this** I had been working on it .... well never since I started it.

Part 1 Memorial Day

We had a good time Memorial Day. Don had the day off. Rita called they were going to Davis Creek (I think that it is a National Recreation area I think). She invited us to meet them. We made picnic stuff and met up with them. It was a bunch of fun. Don and Marty took Aria and Brooklyn on a hike, it was a bit over 3 miles. I folded the seats down in our car and took a bit of a nap while Rita and Bailey explored our picnic area.

Once the men and girls got back we hiked...more like an easy up hill walk to a stream and the girls rolled up their pants and walked through the stream. Oh and we were all blinded by a woman sitting on a log that crossed the stream with her entire crack hanging out. Marty and Rita suggested I post a picture of it on my blog! HAHA ... so you can blame them for this!
Then we went down to a pond/lake thing that the kids got in, it smelled almost as bad as Lake Mead! UGH! But I guess all that matters is that they had fun.

Part 2 Tuesday May 29th

So we had a Dr. appt and ultrasound scheduled today. Ultrasound at 9:45 Dr. right after. Well this office schedules worse then Dr. Torres' office. We had our ultrasound everything looks good and it is still a girl.
We checked in for our appt at 10:00am and then they saw us finally at 12:30!! Holy Crap! that is a long wait! I don't really understand these appts. You pee, they weigh you, ask you if you have any questions and then let you leave. I hate it! Why does it take so long just for that??
I lost a few pounds this appts which makes me happy.
I am on the trying not to gain weight plan (the fatter you are to start the less they want you to gain...so I am trying not to gain more then 15 lbs.) Swimming seems to help out, at least I am not getting as swollen.

Part 3 uck! June 13th

So I have been feeling completely crappy the last 2 weeks or so. I have bronchitis, and there isn't anything that they can do about it unless it becomes pneumonia. I took antibiotics and now we wait for it to pass or get worse. I haven't been swimming at all since the 2nd of June because I haven't felt up to it. I went finally today and swam for only an hour. My hands last week looked like swollen leaches! I was wearing my wedding rings on my pinkie. I am not as bad as I was before today but it will take a lot more swimming. And to top it off because I haven't felt good I gained like 3 lbs since my last appt! Ugh! I need to just get rid of the scale, I weigh myself constantly! I weigh in the morning and every time I go to the bathroom and before bed.

That same Saturday the 2nd of June, both our washer and dryer crapped out and we had to get new machines, and can I tell you how much I LOVE THEM!!! They are so nice and they do laundry so dang fast that we were able to get all of our back laundry finished in like 8 hours! It was fantastic! I can't believe how much I love household appliances!

Hmm what else?
My mom is coming up on Friday to hand for a few days and then Brooklyn will be going down to Vegas/Hurricane with her for a few days. She is so excited to go down there! I am a wee bit jealous.

Well I wanted to get this posted so Holly would give me a break! I will post a bunch of random pictures later!

Sunday, May 27, 2007


So pretty much these pictures go in reverse of what I I just wrote about!
Check out her eyelashes!! Everyone thought that she was wearing false eyelashes! The girl is blessed with LONG, THICK, BEAUTIFUL eyelashes! She is such a pretty pretty girl!




Very long blog...Lots of pictures

So lets do a bit of catch up. I am tired and busy which is why I haven't posted a real post in a while. I have my very first deal closing in June! YEAH...hopefully it closes if the inspection comes back clean this Wednesday it will be sealed in stone! SWEET!!
So I have been very busy running around and this last week was the worst! Lots to do every single day.

My Mother's Day was wonderful, I hope yours was too. I love being in a family of super gift givers, who are so excited to give you gifts that they actually can't wait until the day to give them to you. Brooklyn had told me that she was making the "BEST Mother's Day present ever!" in school, and she came home with it the Friday before and gave it to me right away. Lots of pictures and artwork and coupons, I have never gotten coupons before, but I LOVE THEM!!! She says that they never expire so I can use them over and over and over again. My favorite was 1 hour of piece and quiet, you don't get that much around here!
Don gave me exactly what I wanted! A hammock, so I can lounge in the back yard enjoy the breeze in the shade and snooze or read. He couldn't wait either and had been asking me all week if I was ready for it, so he gave it to me Saturday before Mother's Day. How awesome are they?

The following week Brooklyn with Aria in tow came barging into the house after school almost hysterical. Brooklyn what's wrong, I asked? She said "OH MOM! I HAVE HAD THE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE AND I HAD TO BRING ARIA HOME TO BACK ME UP, SHE'S MY DEFENSE!" Immediately I was like....Oh crap I think that is what I said when I had 3 way called my mom and Becky to tell them I had gotten my first speeding ticket.
I freaked a bit...what? What? Tell me! She says, " I can't even tell you. Aria has to tell you." Oh crap goes through my head....she can't be pregnant!! What could it be..... Aria begins with a grin..."Well Brooklyn got asked out by a boy today!" Loud raucous laughter is all I can say about my response! That is the worst day of your life? You got asked out by a boy? That is the worst day of your life!? She has plenty of "FRIEND BOYS" she say but NO BOYFRIENDS!! I said well how did he ask you out, and in very formal third grade fashion he gave a girl a note to give to Aria to give to Brooklyn. They gave me the note which had been torn into five pieces and it says..."Brookolyn, will you go out with me? Austin"
As I was reading it she says....AND HE DIDN'T EVEN SPELL MY NAME RIGHT! Almost offendedly! Aria was able to go home and I said so, what are you going to do? She talked over her options, I said you know you can't have a boyfriend until you are 16, so what's the plan? She decided to write him a note back and the proper delivering method of that note would be the same as it was received to Aria to give to the other girl to give to him. I am really proud of her, I was BOY crazy by then and she just doesn't seem to care.

Part 3 Crazy Birthday Week

Last Wednesday was Brooklyn's 9th birthday! I know! It doesn't seem like 9 years ago for those who were around then! I definately don't feel like I am almost 30 either! She had dance recitals on Wednesday and Thursday and dress rehearsal on Tuesday, they wanted her there at for dress rehearsal in full hair and make up, which I refused to do! With 2 dang days of performaces I thought full hair and make up was a bit much 3 days in a row. All three nights we didn't get home until after 9:00pm which makes for a long day, in the mean time I was also in the "counter offer" stage of the deal I was working on, so I would need to run out and go to the office to do paper work. UGH! But she did wonderfully in all of her perfomances, she had a solo in one of her dance classes where she kinda did a little break dance thingy....and on Wednesday night after her first perfomance the teacher called her up to front and center stage and led the entire crowd in singing to her, "happy birthday" Oh man she was embarrassed! SO funny! If anyone knows how to put video up here let me know and I will post the video!
One of my favorite performances of the night was the class of 3-4 year olds that danced to MC Hammer's "Hammer Time" and they had little gold sequin hammer pants! Oh it was adorable! I laughed soo hard!!
Friday Brooklyn had a field trip to the public pool. Don went with her class (I was working), they walked to the pool swam and then had lunch at the park. She was exhausted when she got home, but no rest for the weary in my house!! Off to her birthday party!! She wanted a bowling party, which I thought was weird, I wasn't sure how it would turn out. 9 of her friends came, including two of her "friend boys" 1 from her class and 1 from church. The kids seemed to have a really great time! About half way through they turned the lights down pulled out the disco balls and started playing music! It was so much fun! All of the kids out their dancing as close to on the lanes as possible, the boys were break dancing the girls just dancing away! It was very neat, they did bowl a little during that too, we fed them what was at the concession stand; nachos, cheese pizza and lots of sugary soda! We sang happy birthday to her, we had Baskin Robins ice cream cake, (cookies and cream) and opened up presents. We went a bit long but I don't think that they kids cared one bit!! For goody bags this year I did a handful of miniatures and giftcards to Walmart, because #1 I was too busy/lazy/tired to do goody bags #2 I hate having bags of random toys left after the party! This way I am not out any real money, we will use the giftcards still, what am I going to with 9 frisbees and 9 giant bouncey balls?! On the way home Brooklyn said that was her favorite birthday party ever! That made me feel really good. It was the cheapest too! Sweet! We spent more on concessions then we did on the bowling part! I love it! Bowling parties every year!!!!
For her birthday she got highlights and a pedicure. Highlights are new pedicure is something that she does every year.

Part 4 Random Rant!!!
Ok so I watch my friend Rita's daughter Bailey a few days a week while she is at beauty school. I take Bailey to preschool 2 of those days. The preschool's name is
Kids Klub! YUCK!! I know that it is supposed to be a cutesie cutesie little name - but I think it is horrible to misspell the name of the preschool! How am I going to trust the teachers at this Kids Klub to teach my kid anything???
Yes, I am a bit over dramatic and this is completely lame to complain about...but I am 5 months pregnant! HAHAHA just kidding!

Part 5 Baby names
I have only ever loved one girl name, and I used it already. I knew I would name my first daughter Brooklyn since I was 13. I am at a complete loss with this kid! Don likes Sophia, and I did then I told my friend who is also having a girl...in less then 1 week from now, and she fell in love with it, so she is having a Sophia Elizabeth. We don't live anywhere near each other but I just lost the like for Sophia. I like Ava, it is growing on Don. He suggested Ava Sophia Stepro, but as you can see the intials would spell A.S.S. and you can't do that to a girl. I like Ava Dawn, he thinks it is corny. He suggested Ava Christine, which my mom seems to love, but it hasn't stuck on me yet. I am not even sure her name is Ava yet. I like the name Savannah as a first name - Don says that sounds like a stripper name. Brooklyn just would like the middle name to have 2 syllables so that we all have a 6 syllable name. Any suggestions? What flows with Ava? My mom's response will be ignored! hahaha

Friday, May 25, 2007

How I feel!!

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